Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler Repair

Got a leak? We got a fix! We can repair just about any problem you throw at us. With our hot summers and irrigation water systems its critical to maintain your sprinkler system in tip top shape. Call us for a prompt, quality repair!

How Can you Tell if you Have a Sprinkler Leak?

One way to check for a leak, is if the ground is always soggy in one spot, even if you haven’t run the sprinklers for a few days. Another way to check for a leak is to make sure all the water in your house is turned off and you have nothing running like toilets or washing machines. Once you know everything is off, go check the water meter at the street. If you see the little triangle spinning at all you have a leak. If you want to test to see what it looks like spinning just turn on a hose.

How Can you Tell if Your Sprinklers Aren’t Working?

If your sprinklers are not working, your lawn will be too dry in spots, or too wet in others. Run you automatic sprinklers on manual, and observe each station. Are they working as usual? If they are working, it could be a problem with your timer. We can troubleshoot the issues and recommend a fix.

Sprinkler Blowouts

The Treasure Valley starts to freeze in early October, which can damage your automatic sprinkler lines. We provide economical sprinkler system blowouts starting in October.

Depending on your sprinklers, it usually takes an hour or two, and if your timer is outside, you do not even have to be there. If the timer is in the garage, we will need access so we can run through each station.